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Today is 2022年11月30日
217 days before the opening
AHTE 2023   |   AMTS & AHTE South China 2022


AHTE 2022: Digitalization & Integration



A "turning point of digitalized manufacturing" is arriving in China.


The global manufacturing industry is currently undergoing profound changes. A booming digital economy, sharing economy, and industrial integration are reshaping tho traditional economy , and the manufacturing industry is accelerating its pace in adopting digitalization , intelligence and integration.

As a grand trade fair for automation solutions in production and assembly, feed technology and material flow, streamlining through handling technology and joining technology, since its establishment in2006, AHTE( shanghai intemational assembly & handling technology exhibition ) has greatly promoted the upgrade and transformation towards automation in various industries, including automotive, electronics, semiconductor , medical engineering . appliances manufacturing, food & beverage packaging, new energy, solar production, mechanical equipment, communications and other industries. It introduces new products , technologies and ideas into a wide range of areas, making the manufacturing process more systemic, efficient, smart and cost-effective. Through brand new online, onsite, marketing, and customized events, ahte provides one-stop brand promotion and builds new business connections with audiences to promote the development of china ' s assembly industry.


Estimated show figures for AHTE 2022


Fairgrounds Map 2022


Accelerating development in application industries drives demand for smart automation solutions

Prosperous Medical Device Industry Outlook

New Grouth Space for the Electronics Industry

Demand Grows for Automotive Electronics

Strong Demand for Packaging Machinery and Equipment


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