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July 3-5, 2024 | Shanghai New International Expo Center
November 6-8, 2024 | Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan)
AHTE 2024   |   AHTE South China 2024


AHTE 2024 - Smart Automation Solutions in Production and Assembly

July 3rd-5th,2024
Hall W1, E1, E2
Shanghai New International Expo Center


The Shanghai International Assembly & Handling Technology Exhibition (AHTE) is a preeminent expo of advanced intelligent assembly and automation technologies. With comprehensive coverage of automation and assembly system solutions, AHTE promotes new ideas, products, and technology applications that guarantee more efficient, systematic and intelligent manufacturing.The exhibition is held biannually, with Shanghai hosting in July and Shenzhen in October.

AHTE 2024 will be an all-encompassing show exhibiting automation technology, assembly technology, robot technology, transmission and handling technology, connection technology, transmission technology, monitoring technology, testing technology, integrated systems, dismantling technology, microtechnology, intelligent manufacturing, electrical systems, transmission equipment, industrial automation components and auxiliary equipment.Comprehensive coverage provides the rare opportunity to engage with the entire automation and robot industrial chain, and the show expects to welcome over 500 exhibitors and 50,000 attendees, at an exhibition spanning over 40,000 square meters.


In addition, the launch of a new trade platform will offer online and offline promotional activities, precision marketing services, and customized marketing programs. This will serve as a resource to keep track of current industry trends, best practices, brand promotional packages, match-making services and commercial ecosystem construction services.The services will target both customers and their suppliers from the automobile, new energy, 3C electronics, semiconductors, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, home appliances, food/beverage/packaging, machinery manufacturing, aircraft, rail transit, ship, glass, metallurgy, and petrochemicals industries.


Accelerating Development in Application Industries

2024 Exhibition Highlights

Assembly System Integration Hall Upgrade
In 2024, the hall will be upgraded to encompass automated conveyor systems, integrated assembly systems, integrated machine vision technologies,integrated production line logistics systems and packaging automation systems. Through inclusion of leading automation system integrators from a wide range of industries, this one-stop platform of assembly and manufacturing production lines is future-oriented, fully-automated, and industry-flexible!

Industry Robot & Machine Vision Zone Upgrade
State-of-the-art industrial robots equipped with 3D machine optics , are featured in this zone. Application throughout automotive, electronics, new energy vehicle, home appliance and other industries, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enhance competitiveness through intelligent manufacturing.

AHTE 2024 Smart Manufacturing TechTalk (New)

By bringing together cutting-edge applications of intelligent manufacturing technology, Industry 4.0 and intelligent assembly and automation technology, the new Smart Manufacturing TechTalk. provides a comprehensive platform for intelligent manufacturing enterprises.


ATC 2024-Assembly Technology Conferences

Assembly & Testing Engineering
- Automotive & Auto Parts
- Automotive Electronics
- New Energy Batteries, Motors, Electric Control
- Medical Equipment
- Household Appliances
- Food/Beverage/Packaging

About Organizer - RX Hengjin
RX Hengjin Co., Ltd., a joint venture (JV) between RX China and Shanghai Forever Exhibition Co., Ltd. RX Hengjin is also a member of RX China. As the organizer of AMTS & AHTE , the leading exhibition for Automotive Engineering and Assembly Industry, RX Hengjin combines Reed's overseas and local resources and Forever's 15 years experiences to offer one-stop integrated solutions for automotive engineering and assembly industry. RX Hengjin will in addition run a series of related conferences and seminars across China throughout the year covering the various automotive engineering and industrial assembly hubs.

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