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July 3-5, 2024 | Shanghai New International Expo Center
AHTE 2024   |   AHTE South China 2023


AHTE 2024 - Smart Automation Solutions in Production and Assembly


Welcome to Hybrid AHTE 2024!


As a grand trade fair for automation solutions in production and assembly, feed technology and material flow, streamlining through handling technology and joining technology, since its establishment in 2006, AHTE has greatly promoted the upgrade and transformation towards automation in different industries, including automotive, electronics, appliances, food & beverage packaging, machinery, medical, communication, energy and pharmaceutical. It introduces new products, technologies and ideas into a wide range of areas, making the manufacturing process more systemic, efficient, smart and cost-effective. 

AHTE 2024 will be organized by RX Hengjin Co., Ltd. , a new joint venture established by RX China, an affiliation to RELX Group, and Shanghai Forever Exhibition Co., Ltd., RX Hengjin is also a member of RX China. RX Hengjin will invite more international companies and buyers into AMTS based on RX's sales network in 40 countries. A total of 500 exhibitors and 50,000 visits from around the world are expected. 


Through brand new online, onsite, marketing, and customized events, AHTE provides the cutting-edge technology trends anytime, anywhere, and builds new connections with industry leaders to promote the development of China's assembly engineering.

Complete Coverage of System Integration Solutions

New Exhibition Zones, Leading the Industry Trend

Focus on Intelligent Assembly Solutions in Automotive, Electronics, Home Appliances and Other Industries
Based on the Industry 4.0 general assembly solution, integrated assembly solutions, robot workstations and robot intelligent assembly lines are provided for the industrial applications (automobile, auto parts, machine parts, machine tools, household appliances, packaging, medicine, food, logistics, etc.).

Upgrading of Plant Logistics through Intelligent Production Line Logistics
The logistics solutions from the assembly lines to intelligent factories are fully represented. It builds a business platform of intelligent product line logistics solutions and a venue for the cooperation of original equipment suppliers and system integrators to promote more trade exchanges and cooperation.

Machine Vision Zone - to Create a Pair of Intelligent Eyes

The Machine Vision Zone concentrates on machine vision technology and overall solutions from intelligent cameras, visual sensors, and 3D visual software to embedded visual system to promotes the development of Industry 4.0.


Bonding Engineering Zone - The Most Comprehensive Solution for Material Bonding and Connection

The Bonding Engineering Zone focuses on display, molding, sealing, foaming technology and systems and provides for an efficient technology and business communication platform for original equipment suppliers, system integrators and automobile, ICT, robot, 3C and other emerging application fields.

About Organizer - RX Hengjin
RX Hengjin Co., Ltd., a joint venture (JV) between RX China and Shanghai Forever Exhibition Co., Ltd. RX Hengjin is also a member of RX China. As the organizer of AMTS & AHTE , the leading exhibition for Automotive Engineering and Assembly Industry, RX Hengjin combines Reed's overseas and local resources and Forever's 15 years experiences to offer one-stop integrated solutions for automotive engineering and assembly industry. RX Hengjin will in addition run a series of related conferences and seminars across China throughout the year covering the various automotive engineering and industrial assembly hubs.

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