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July 3-5, 2024 | Shanghai New International Expo Center
AHTE 2024   |   AHTE South China 2023


Exhibition Sectors:


Assembly Systems
1001 Turnkey Assembly Systems According to Assembled Workpieces 1002 Turnkey Assembly Systems According to System Type
1003 Basic Assembly Machines and Interlinking Assembly Systems 1004 Manual Assembly Workstations


Handling Technology
2001 Industrial Robots and Manipulators 2002 Handling Modules
2003 Grippers and Clamping Systems 2004 Feed Technology And Conveyor Technology
2005 Packaging Technology  


Assembly Technology
3001 Screwing Technology 3002 Joining Technology for Inserting, Press-Fitting and Fastening
3003 Riveting Technology 3004 Welding Technology for Joining Metals and Plastics
3005 Bonding, Molding, Sealing, Foaming 3006 Industry  Automatic Technology
3007 Dismantling Technology and Recycling 3008 Marking Technology


4001 Semi-Finished Goods, Racks, Enclosures and Safety Technology 4002 Mechanical Drive Components
4003 Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Lubricating Technology 4004 Electric Drive and Installation Technology
4005 Sensors and Identification Systems 4006 Controlling Technology and Industrial Communication
4007 Machine Vision 4008 Measurement and Testing
Intelligent Logistics in Production Line
5001 Intelligent Transportation Systems 5002 Automatic Storage and Retrieval System
5003 Automatic Packaging System  5004 Automatic Material Handling System
5005 Monitoring  and  Identifying System  
Software and Services
6001 Software 6002 Organisation
6003 Services  


7001 Others  

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